Prospect Detective + Call Tracking 
It’s Like Caller ID For Your Website!
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Because we know only 2% of all web visitors will ever call or submit an opt-in form, how do we capture the rest of the 98%?
Prospect Detective is like Caller ID for your website; it enables you to identify WHO is on your website, their contact info, and what their buying intentions and behaviors are on your website - without them ever filling out a form. This data can be golden in the hands of your sales team. 

With Prospect Detective running behind the scenes, you are able to enter the buyer's journey much earlier by identifying the companies visiting your website. Armed with such powerful data, your sales team is able to make more frequent and impactful first contact with potential customers. 

Pair this with Call Tracking, and now you are able to track the sources and campaigns that drive prospects to pick up the phone and call you. Not only will it record all inbound calls from your website, but it will attribute the call to the campaign that contributed to the actual conversion. This is especially valuable if you are doing any digital marketing so you can optimize your ad spend. 
What You Get With Prospect Detective + Call Tracking:
  • Complete Set Up Of Your Prospect Detective Portal - Get reports and instant updates for visitor information on your website. You'll know what they searched for, how they found you, what they are interested in, how many times they have visited you, and even have their social media connections.
  • ​Notification Set Up -  Convert more leads with real-time notifications and desktop alerts.
  • ​Daily, Weekly And Monthly Reports - Start to see trends and repeat visitors to help you identify hot leads.
  • ​Call Tracking Set Up - Automatically matching your calls to each of your online and offline marketing channels will save thousands by understanding which marketing efforts are making your phone ring. Users also have the ability to listen to, rate, tag, apply notes and report on this valuable data.
  • Call Tracking And AdWords Integration - Prospect Detective's call tracking system can tell which keywords are driving calls to your business. Use this data to drive your pay-per-click marketing efforts or further drive your online content strategy.
Get Your First Month For Only $1!*
*After your first month, it will be $99/month unless you choose to cancel before the trial ends. 
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